Why Milkweed Seed Oil?

In 1892, pharmacist Frederick Ingram introduced the world to Milkweed Cream, a pioneering product celebrated for its sun protection, redness reduction, acne-fighting, and wrinkle-smoothing qualities. Surprisingly, this remarkable cream experienced a period of obscurity, only to resurface with newfound purpose.

Milkweed, renowned as the exclusive host plant for Monarch Butterflies, harbors an extraordinary history. Beyond its ecological significance, the white fluff from milkweed seeds has been discovered to be six times more buoyant than cork and five times warmer than wool. During World War II, it played a life-saving role in filling life jackets. Today, it graces premium bedding materials and emerges as a sustainable textile alternative to cotton.

However, the Monarch Butterfly's alarming population decline, with over 99% disappearing since the 1980s, has rekindled interest in milkweed as a garden and habitat plant—a united effort to rescue one of the planet's most iconic insects. Yet, the true treasure lies in the beneficial attributes of Milkweed Seed Oil for skin and hair, marking a new chapter in its legacy.



The Unique Composition of Milkweed Seed Oil

Chemical analysis of Milkweed Seed Oil reveals its richness in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, but it also possesses the relatively rare Omega 7. This particular oil is naturally present in the sebum of youthful skin but diminishes with age. When milkweed seeds are cold-pressed without resorting to petroleum refining methods, the result is a natural, ultra-moisturizing oil ideally suited for premium skin and hair products.



Promoting Conservation Through Responsible Harvesting

But a common question arises: won't harvesting milkweed seeds harm Monarch habitat? Quite the opposite—this practice not only safeguards the plant but also enhances its value. Seed pods are meticulously hand-harvested in limited quantities, underscoring the rarity of this precious oil. Native milkweed enters a state of dormancy soon after pod production in the Fall, only to re-emerge with new growth from underground rhizomes—horizontal roots that spawn fresh milkweed stems. Even older, non-viable seeds retain their valuable oil for extended periods.

By responsibly harvesting these limited seeds, we're not just preserving the habitat, but also ensuring that this unique oil remains available in limited quantities. Don't miss the chance to experience its extraordinary benefits for your skin and hair.

Milkweed Seed Pod


Why Embrace Milkweed?

In a world where "weeds" were often overlooked, we saw potential. By crafting skincare products and cosmetics from sustainably sourced milkweed, we're not just elevating the worth of this humble plant; we're amplifying the rallying cry for Monarch conservation.

Our journey began as an idea, rooted in a deep passion for preserving nature's wonders. Monarch Botanika founder, Chris Amendt, embarked on the mission to create milkweed seed oil products while founding her Monarch Butterfly non-profit organization during the tumultuous times of the 2020 pandemic. Despite supply chain hiccups and manufacturing delays, her unwavering dedication bore fruit with the official launch of our inaugural product line in October 2022.


Our Commitment to Monarchs

The initial Monarch Botanika product lineup includes a facial care regimen comprising a gentle cleanser and an ultra-hydrating moisturizer, both infused with Aloe, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Peppermint, and suitable for daily use on all skin types. This marks the sole skincare product expressly crafted to support the resurgence of the Monarch Butterfly species, and your purchase directly contributes to this crucial cause. By embracing our Milkweed Seed Oil products, you not only enhance your skincare but also play a vital role in the conservation of these iconic butterflies.


Together, we're changing the narrative, embracing a "weed" that's more than meets the eye, and integrating its unique oil into our skincare routines with love and purpose.

Join us in nurturing your skin and nurturing nature, one Milkweed Seed Oil product at a time.

Chris In Action